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Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

analytical exposition

Analytical exposition is an essay is a form of text-type, a form that relies on arguments, so sometimes it is called an argument text. its social function is to persuade the reader or listener that something is the case. So, sometimes it is called a persuasive text. The analytical expositions are organized in three stages :
1. Statement of position (thesis)
this stage usually includes a 'preview of arguments'. It introduces topics and indicates the writer's position.
2. Arguments
this stage consists of a 'point and elaboration' sequence. The number of points may vary, but each must be supported by discussion and evidence (which is the elaboration of the point). Points are ordered according to the writer's choice, but it is usual to discuss the strongest points first.
3. Reinforcement of the statement of position (reiteration)
This last stage restates the position more forcefully in the light of the arguments presented.

sentence connectors to link arguments :
* One important effect
* In addition
* Furthermore
* Firstly
* Secondly
* Thirdly
* Finally

Phrase for making conclusion
* One thing is clear,.....
* From the facts above, I personally believe.....
* From the reasons listed above, I conclude that.....
* Therefore....
* My conclusion is that....
* It can be concluded that....
contoh Rpp SMA Analytical exposition

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